Cash Office Victims Really Be Compensated?

Toronto Police Service announced last week that it arrested an employee of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health for allegedly stealing over $250,000 from Queen Street Site patients over a five-year period. CAMH claims that all the victims have been/will be compensated. Strangely, this story does not appear in the news and events part of the CAMH website. Can the return of the embezzled funds truly compensate? What of the clients who told their health care providers that the cash office was stealing from them only to be found to be delusional and incapable of managing their property? It is an action waiting for the right lawyer (not me, pregnant with twins).

In any event, CAMH states that if you have concerns about your or your client's account that the primary clinician can advise or you can contact Isobel Stevenson at 416.535.8501 extension 6391.