The federal budget announcement to fund the Canadian Mental Health Commission has me thinking about stigma. Stigma is code for discrimination. We don't like to say that people discriminate about those with mental health problems but we do every day. So we call it stigma. So I have been thinking about what it will take to end stigma - to end the prejudice - i.e. what would be the I have a dream speech to end "stigma". All I can say is that it means the end of the expression "off his meds" because people will understand that our mind is more complicated than a simple pill. That people will take a little shouting in the face rather than calling the police as an exchange for the ability to live in a free society. That no person will allow a fellow citizen to be isolated, segregated and humiliated in a time of crisis - we will end seclusion and restraint and exchange it for understanding, empathy and compassion. So that is all I have so far.