Save Riverdale Farm

One of the City of Toronto's consultants has suggested that the City could save money is eliminating Riverdale Farm. My children 4, 4, & 5 just spent a great week at camp there and got to meet some of the animals. I told them today about the City's plans. They asked why? I told them that the City thinks it doesn't have enough money. The eldest suggested the City could make more money. They are thinking about taking it to City Hall so I inquired of City Councillor Pam McConnell's office of how to stop this. Here is the prompt response I got.

Hi Suzan,

Thank you for your message and your support for the continued operation of Riverdale Farm.

The best way to help at this time is to share your views with the Mayor and Council. The consultant's report will be considered at the Parks and Environment Committee on Thursday, July 21 at 9:30 AM. Any individual is free to make an in-person or written deputation.

To register for a deputation, e-mail the Parks and Environment Committee at or call 416-397-7796.

Written deputations should be sent to the same address so they become part of the public record.

To be clear, this is one of the laundry list of "opportunities" to reduce costs. It will be up to the Committee to decide if they wish to recommend exploring this opportunity. It is up to all of us to ensure that eliminating the operations of the Riverdale Farm is not one of their recommendations.

Local residents have also created an on-line petition which will be presented to the Committee and Council. To view or sign the petition, go to:

Another way to support the Farm is to become a member of the Friends of Riverdale Farm – a community organization dedicating to preserving and enhancing the Farm experience. More information can be found at:

Thanks again for your support!

Warm regards,


Sean McIntyre
Constituency Assistant to
Councillor Pam McConnell
Ward 28 - Toronto Centre - Rosedale

So there you go. The kids can't go Thursday and I am in court but we'll work on our written deputations. What can you do?